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", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"", "title":"", "snippet":"PA and JP Morgan Chase regarding the lease of 130 Liberty Street and a detailed up-to-date Budget of the PA's construction activity. 3/18/2008 Franceschi New York NY Request for a copy of Police Report No. 6747 related to a stolen vehicle at JFK. 3/17/2008 Bernstein New York NY Request for records generally pertaining to RFP No. 11897 - Pilot Test of Contactless Banking Devices awarded to MasterCard Worldwide. 3/17/2008 Boylan New York NY Request for copies of Agreement Nos. P41006007 thru 60013 for ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"", "title":"052605_minutes.pdf", "snippet":"provided by JP Morgan Chase Bank (JP Morgan Chase), as the issuing and paying agent for the commercial paper notes of both series, JP Morgan Chase would be reappointed as such issuing and paying agent, on essentially the same terms and conditions currently in effect. An authorized officer would also be authorized to take any action which such authorized officer deems appropriate to effectuate the issuance of commercial paper obligations, including the authorization and approval of the appointment of, and ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"", "title":"", "snippet":" SANZARI, INC. JP MORGAN CHASE JSJ FURNITURE CORPORATION JUREK BROTHERS, INC. JURISOLUTIONS, INC. K&S INDUSTRIAL CORP. KAPSCH TRAFFICCOM IVHS CORP. KAPSCH TRAFFICCOM USA, INC. KAPSCH TRAFFICCOM USA, INC. KARDEX REMSTAR, LLC KAWASAKI RAIL CAR, INC. KC ENGINEERING & LAND KEARNY BOARD OF EDUCATION KEER ELECTRICAL SUPPLY COMPANY KELLER & KIRKPATRICK, INC. KEL-MAR DESIGN, INC. KELRY ASSOCIATES KELSTAR CORP. KENNON SURVEYING SERVICES, INC. KENSTAR CONSTRUCTION CORP. KEWANA VAUGHN KEY-TECH KFORCE INC & ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"", "title":"", "snippet":"& Gifts JP Morgan Chase Bank ATMs A-Shine Shoe Shine General Services Be Relax Spa General Services Airspace Lounge General Services Coat Chex General Services XpresSpa General Services General Services Secure Wrap General Services Travelex Foreign ·Currency· Duty Free International Shoppes, LLC Auntie Anne's Food/Beverage Balducci's Food/Beverage McDonald's Food/Beverage Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill Food/Beverage Starbucks Food/Beverage Subway Food/Beverage Thirsty Bar. Food/Beverage Todd English Bonfire ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"", "title":"Microsoft Word - 4-23-14 Board Meeting Transcript.docx", "snippet":"doing that is that Chase Manhattan Bank is vacating Chase Manhattan Plaza and putting another million square feet onto the market, which we renovated into Class A space. They're saying that because if we build this building with GroupM as an initial tenant, which is great, for 20% of the square feet, we would be adding another 2 million square feet to an already vacant 2 million square feet at the Port Authority or World Trade Center which hasn't leased and there has been not one private tenant that's ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"", "title":"untitled", "snippet":"into agreements with JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Chase) for the development, construction and occupancy of Tower 5, which is to be a 1.3 million square foot office building located at the World Trade Center site. JPMorgan Chase will be responsible for all development costs of Tower 5, including planning, design and construction, and will also be responsible for the operating, capital and maintenance expenses of the completed tower. WTC Retail LLC, the Port Authority’s wholly owned net lessee of the retail ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"", "title":"", "snippet":",& 1ST·2ND FL PIPE CHASE 215.150 Y-6184A&B 50LF/908/1240SF /60SF PIPE/ELBO IS/DU CT/GASKETS I I 0 PROGRESS TP RENOVATION AVIATION JFK JFK-060 T IA-BREAKROOH 215.152 Y-6329 60 PIPE ELBO IS I I 0 91-COM Tll RENOVATION - IAIVER LETTER TO AVIATION JFK JFK-HANGAR-10 AMERICAN AIRLINES MECHANICAL ROOM #5 215.158 Y-6140A 300LF/40/16SF PIPE/ELBO IS/PU MP INSULATION 02/11/91 0 91-COM T I RENOVATION AVIATION. JFK JFK-110 OGDEN ALLIED FLIGHT KITCHEN 215.161 Y-6332A 200LF PIPE 03/10/91 0 91-COM T I RENOVATION - ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"", "title":"12087-C.pdf", "snippet":"Months = (2) Annual Chase 46,604.22 (j) =$ =$ 141,472.80 (2) =$ 12 2 Jeeps x 12 x 6 Vans Jeeps (1) + Vans (2) 188 , 077.02(E) # of Vehicles Daily Per Vehicle Charge 63.84 /365 days / 2 jeeps = $ /365 days / 6 vans = $ 64.60 # of Months 12 Estimated Annual Contract Price LGA — Second Year (A)+M)+(C)+(D)F(E)+(F)=(G) Annual Charee _ = $ $ 363,025.70 (F) 8.3 26.785.57 (G) Please note: No direct reimbursement is provided in the Contract for, among other things, maintenance of vehicles, drivers of vehicles, ", "meta":{ } } }, { "res":{ "url":"", "title":"", "snippet":"OF 9/7/17 18001 Samantha Chase Elefterakis, Elefterakis & Panek Request for copies of the following records related to Elizabeth 5/6/2017 Hernandez's incident on October 6, 2016 at approximately 9:45 a.m. at 185 Greenwich Street, LL 2420, more specifically in a utility closed at Rituals Cosmetics, located on Balcony Level C1 in the South Concourse Zone in the Westfield World Trade Center: Any and all prior claims (including notice of claims), written complaints, 311 calls or FITS complaints pertaining to ", "meta":{ } } }], "resStart":"0", "resEnd":"10", "ValidTerms":"chase access jfk chase access jfk chase access jfk ", "total":"44", "ResultsAreRespells":"0" } ], "time" : "0.001394"})